Roof Windows

Bright Idea: Plan Ahead with Skylights & How to Fit Velux Windows

Now that the winter is starting to settle in, we think it’s important to start planning ahead for the sunshine and natural light. Besides, skylights are perfect for stargazing on clear winter nights too!

At Premier Roof Systems, we are passionate about getting as much natural light into your home as possible with a stylish solution that enhances your living space.

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Guardian Warm Roof by Premier Roof Systems

Keeping You Covered: The Lowdown on Putting a Roof on a Conservatory

Conservatories have an average best-use lifespan of about 20 years. When you feel you need to make improvements to yours, you should ask yourself whether putting a roof on your conservatory might be the wisest investment.

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Atlas Aluminium Flat Rooflights

Benefits of Using Aluminium Flat Rooflights

Natural light makes a room to look spacious and motivating to work. It will also enhance the productivity of a team in a commercial setting and makes residential areas more relaxing. There are different ways of achieving natural lighting for homes including the use of windows. The latest innovating option is the use of Aluminium Flat Rooflights. It presents excellent benefits wherever it is installed. Here are some of these benefits.

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Atlas Aluminium Roof Lanterns

PVC Roof Lantern Selection Guide

There is nothing as off-putting as a dark and dingy interior space; it is not only unappealing but also boring. PVC roof lanterns were designed to alleviate this design problem by letting in natural light that transforms any property into an appealing, bright and warm space. Choosing the right PVC roof lantern fittings, shape and location ensures that you get an architectural centrepiece and a feature to be proud of because it raises your home’s value. That said, here is a guide on how to determine the right roof lantern positioning, dimensions and materials in a bid to ensure that you achieve perfect results.

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Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Benefits of Installing Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Natural light is nature’s way of boosting your spirit and leaving people in the house relaxed. Aluminium Roof Lanterns allow you to add a flood of natural light where it was originally covered in an iron sheet. Technology has allowed these lanterns to offer more benefits than the natural light. Here are some of the benefits to consider for installing lanterns made of aluminum.

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Why You Should Use Aluminum Roof Lanterns

There is beauty in the skies and health in natural lighting. This is magic that most people fail to enjoy because of enclosed roofing. Aluminium Roof Lanterns give you a flood of natural light during the day and a beautiful view of the stars by night. They are installed on commercial as well as residential spaces. The roof lanterns allow you to enjoy the relaxing feel of natural lighting. You can sunbathe while inside the house or enjoy the relaxing view of the sky by night without the danger of rain or direct UV sun rays.

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Management Team - Premier Roof Systems

Demand Takes Roofing Firm To Next Level

Premier Roof Systems is responding to growing demand for aluminium roof lanterns and recently started supplying the Korniche – the ‘next generation’ of thermally broken roof lanterns from Made for Trade.

Premier Roof Systems co-founder and director Jamie Blackwood said: “We have increasingly been approached about full aluminium systems and were looking at what system to take on board. We already had a good relationship with Made for Trade and knew that the Korniche was one of the newest lanterns so we went up for a demo. It definitely ticks all the boxes – we have sold 20 of them in about a month.”

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Aluminium Roof Lantern (Korniche)

Aluminium Roof Lantern – Korniche

A revolutionary thermally broken aluminium roof lantern has arrived.

The brief: To design a new roof system that is…

  • FASTER – Quicker and easier to install
  •  STRONGER – Optimised to allow minimal structure
  •  WARMER – Class leading thermal performance
  •  SLIMMER – Aesthetically stunning


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