Conservatory Roof Styles


  • The insulated internal pelmet is extensively tested in the R&D facilities at Head Office. This is a systemised approach, yet maintains flexibility for the retailer.
  • Steel work ladder framework and roof are integrated as the additional weight is accounted for in Ultraframe’s U-Design software, which up-specs roof according to postcode and loadings.
  • Allows completion of the complete glazed roof externally and internally before steelwork ladder system is installed.
  • Steelwork ladder framework system is supplied on the same lead time as the roof.
  • Can be used from 15 – 40 degrees.
  • Steelwork ladder system is variable from 300mm to 1200mm*.
  • The system is not designed to carry additional suspended weight – e.g. – flatscreen TVs.
  • Can be used with standard eaves or Super Duty version with box gutters & bolsters, accommodating differential pitches across hips.
  • If your chosen design features a box gutter, we strongly suggest you use a 30mm frame add- on around the head of all frames, which allows the plasterboard to run underneath the box gutter for a neater finish.

How to Measure

Datum point is internal side frame to external face of 12.5mm plasterboard.

1    Steelwork ladder takes support at eaves and from glazing bars
2    12.5mm plasterboard screwed to steel framework
3    Your sealed unit of choice
4    Standard eaves beam (Super Duty version can be used over wide spanning doors)
5    Optional Cornice externally
6    25mm Heatguard Polycarbonate ‘cloaking screen’