How To Design A Modern Luxury Kitchen

Are you looking to design your dream modern luxury kitchen? Are you deciding on design ideas? Are you trying to improve functionality? 

There is a fine art to creating a modern luxury kitchen consisting of the right combination of colours, design and layout. Every step of the design process needs to be considered and carefully drawn up. The modern luxury look is all about finding the right balance between all aspects of your kitchen, from colours to textures.

Think About Texture And Colour

A significant trend in modern kitchen design at the moment is a combination of colour and texture – the perfect balance of contrast between dark smooth surfaces and rough, light textures. When choosing colours and textures, you will need to look beyond the colour of your walls and surfaces and think about other areas and features that appear in your kitchen. This could include lighting, wall features, handrails, taps, etc. Even the minutiae design elements can help add a modern flair to your luxury kitchen, so do not scrimp on these parts in your design plan.

Install A Statement Kitchen Island 

A kitchen island is one of those staple kitchen features that truly make the kitchen the heart of your home. It is a feature where you can meal prep and congregate around with guests when hosting a dinner party. Furthermore, a kitchen island is functional; it can house appliances including your dishwasher and even the kitchen sink. To make this kitchen staple modern and luxurious, think about the materials it is made of. From wood to marble, whatever you choose, you can create a modern luxury feel. You can also contrast the colours of its surface and sides to truly draw attention to it, making it a focal point in the room. Bespoke luxury kitchens and kitchen features like an island can be made to order and will be unique to your home. 

Don’t Forget Your Worktop

In the modern kitchen today, a worktop is a must-have. Often made from concrete, with a brutalist feel, the worktop is a central feature in luxury kitchens. This sleek surface where you will create all sorts of creations certainly brings together a gorgeous modern kitchen. 

The only problem with a modern worktop is that concrete can be costly; however, there are many alternatives and high-quality laminates that you can use instead. 

Use Effective Storage

Less is more in a modern kitchen, which means storage should be a key feature of your kitchen designs. You must invest in functionality and storage so that you can easily tidy away pots and pans and food items. The more storage you have, the more space there is on the surfaces, which will accentuate clean, contrasting lines of your modern luxury kitchen. 

There are several ingenious design ideas when it comes to storage. Marie Kondo has revolutionized the storage game, so designers everywhere are looking towards functionality and clutter-free spaces. So, if you are hoping to design a modern luxury kitchen, start here.

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