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Why Choose PVC Roof Lanterns over The Others

Roof lanterns come in a variety of designs and market options. At installation, they all present the prospect of enhanced natural lighting and transformed interior space. However, PVC Roof Lanterns present more advantages than the other roofing materials. It is these advantages that should guide you on the choices to make; here are some of the advantages to consider when choosing roof lanterns.

  • Superior Performance– the design and fabrication of PVC roofing lanterns is meant to provide the best performance in the industry. This is through a combination of experience and the latest technology to produce the best lanterns in the market. They can withstand impact and will not be damaged by snow or the hot summer sun. They will meet you expectations in terms of quality of light and durability.
  • Variety in glass color and frames- the glass and frames come in numerous colors. This allows you to match the general architecture of your house and also meet personal preferences. Some of the frame colors to choose from include blue, grey, white and black. The glass comes in varieties of white, oak, rosewood and golden oak, among others. You also have the option of clear glass.
  • Better price- PVC roof lanterns are available at a cheaper price compared to the other alternatives in the market. This is your budget roofing option compared to aluminum or pure glass. Despite the low price, you still get the best quality services from the lanterns. The shade remains intact for years. The lanterns can withstand impact as well as battering from snow and the hot summer sun. You get real long term value for money.
  • Customized lanterns- the lanterns are ordered online and will be delivered within 5 working days for customized orders. You have a guarantee on delivery, ensuring that you get your order as expected. This allows you to conclude your project on time without incurring extra cost. The pitch also varies from 20o to 35o. This allows you to accommodate the small sized rooms and areas.
  • Durable-PVC roof lanterns are designed and fabricated to last long. They are made of the best quality materials and reinforced with the latest technology. This is a guarantee that they will last long, eliminating the need for constant replacement. They also do not require any special maintenance to keep the in top shape. They maintain the original color for the years they will be on your house.
  • 1.0 UV value– this is one of the highest for roof lanterns in the market. It protects people and property for damaging sun rays. It also makes your interior energy efficient which saves you from high utility bills.

About Premier Roof Systems Limited

We are your most trusted PVC roof lanterns company in UK. We have been in the industry for years, enabling our technicians to accumulate incredible experience and expertise to deliver the best quality work. We manufacture, supply and install the best roofing lanterns in UK, using the latest technology to improve on quality. With our reasonable pricing, we guarantee excellent value for money.


  • jason coster

    could you please supply e with a quotation for a roof lantern
    1000 x 1200
    Blue tint glass

    • Pouya

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your enquiry. A quotation will be sent to your email shortly.


      Premier Roof Systems

  • Lynn wilson

    Can’t seem to find any examples or prices! Looking for white upvc roof lantern with thermal solar glass 2mx 1.5 m

  • Pouya

    Hi Lynn,

    2m x 1.5m is not one of our set sizes on our online shop (, however, we make every order made to measure as the set sizes are just for stock optimisation. Please send an email to [email protected] with your request and one of our team members will help you with your enquiry.



  • David Benette

    Good thing you post this. I like how your post constructed. Good job.
    Cleaning and maintaining really extend the life of our roof.. Cleaning a dirty roof is not a good job, i used to hire roofing contractors warwick ri near somerset ma to do it as always. They really got all cleaning equipment, bleach solutions and necessary stuffs to get the job done perfectly

  • Mench Smith

    Thanks for the share. My wife and I consider to remodel our house in fall river ma, and we also consider remodelling our roof, i think we could make a planning to install PVC roof lanterns this year, those advantages you mention really benefit to me. I know that hiring professional and licensed contractors are worth and important to avoid future problems occurred because they have knowledge to deal with any type of roof at low charges. I had no idea about any good professional out there to hire, but i will consider call some local roofers next week. Keep posting!

  • John Davies

    How to remove glazing bar covers on aluminium lantern without damaging them

    • Nick Pearson

      Hi John, this all depends on the make and model of the roof lantern. If you would like to contact our sales office on 0191 455 8866 they will take some information from you about your lantern and then they will talk to our technical department and get the right information for you. Many thanks.

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