Red and Chartwell Green composite doors with brick wall

Open the New Year with a Striking Front Door Installation

New Year celebrations are all about ushering in change and renewal. Getting a new front door is an effective way to make your house look better and feel more comfortable from the inside thanks to the added security and energy efficiency benefits. What’s more, front door installation is a simple, quick process.

Every year, energy prices increase. It doesn’t matter what legislation or price cap is brought in — increases are an unchanging trend.

To keep your energy bills down, it’s even more important every year to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Good insulation is crucial. It’s possible to better insulate rooms that don’t traditionally have room for energy efficiency measures, as we have shown with our conservatory roof replacement systems.

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Black Composite Doors

UPVC Doors: The Right Choice for Your Home

Traditionally, doors were considered mandatory wall apertures and were made of wood, aluminium or steel with basic hardware like shoot bolts, handles and hinges. However, they have come a long way to be recognised as important parts of any home that not only prevent loss of energy and ensure in-habitat comfort but also provide an unmatched aesthetic appeal. In light of this, the use of UPVC residential doors is slowly becoming a trend as homeowners appreciate their durability, flexibility, numerous designs, and affordability. Below are different aspects that you should consider when buying UPVC residential doors.

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