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UPVC Doors: The Right Choice for Your Home

Traditionally, doors were considered mandatory wall apertures and were made of wood, aluminium or steel with basic hardware like shoot bolts, handles and hinges. However, they have come a long way to be recognised as important parts of any home that not only prevent loss of energy and ensure in-habitat comfort but also provide an unmatched aesthetic appeal. In light of this, the use of UPVC residential doors is slowly becoming a trend as homeowners appreciate their durability, flexibility, numerous designs, and affordability. Below are different aspects that you should consider when buying UPVC residential doors.


The strength of a UPVC door is based on the multi chambered UPVC profile in use; it should be armoured with galvanized steel. At, premier roof systems, we strive to maintain the acceptable standard profile width that ranges from 2.3mm to 3mm and the reinforcing steel thickness of 1mm to 3mm. Moreover, they are strictly inspected and go through a myriad of tests to ensure that they are of top quality. As such, our UPVC residential doors are highly durable and the profiles are resistant to flaking and cracking.

Glass thickness

A UPVC door can either be single glazing, double glazing or triple glazing and feature different glass varieties like; toughened glass, laminated toughened glass and float glass. A standard single glazing glass should be at least 6mm thick, a double glazing glass should have a thickness of 6mm glass/ 16mm inert gas layer/ 6mm glass (6-16-6) while the triple glazing glass features a thickness of 4mm glass/ 12mm inert gas layer/ 4mm glass/ 12mm inert gas layer/ 4mm glass (4-12-4-12-4).


Good UPVC doors must have quality hardware and a concealed but reliable locking system. Stainless steel type 304 grade is highly recommended for UPVC hardware use like handles, friction stays and hinges because it does not rust or corrode easily. As per your home security requirements, ensure that the UPVC door has a strong multi-point lock or single point lock. However, experts recommend the double glazed laminated glass for utmost security.

Colour stability

A white UPVC residential door may discolour with time. Thus, titanium dioxide is added during manufacturing to provide UV stability and ensure colourfastness for white UPVC profiles. The minimum recommended titanium dioxide quantity is 2.5% of the profile weight.


UPVC door profiles should be highly resistant to withstand extreme pressure levels, damage, wear and tear. This is because, they are designed using sturdy raw materials and high level technology; the polymer exhibits high resistance qualities. Meaning that, UPVC residential doors that are purchased from a trusted supplier like premier roof systems can last a lifetime.


UPVC residential doors not only makes your home stylish but also ensures better insulation against rain, pollution, noise and dust. They are becoming a firm favourite for architects and homeowners alike because they are easy to maintain and cost effective.

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