Building an Annex on Your Property

Annexes are great additions to your property and can offer an alternative living space from the main house that is ideal for guests. They don’t have to be used for additional accommodation, but can also provide a variety of functions that are useful for those looking for more space and want to add value to their home. If you have been thinking about building an annex on your property, here are some things you need to think through before you start.

What’s its purpose?

As mentioned above, and annex can be used for a variety of things. Are you going to be turning it into a guest house? If so, you will need to think about making room for a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Perhaps you want a home office that is separate from your main house? Or a games room? If you’re a fan of hot tub holidays, you might want to build a sheltered area to keep a hot tub in, maybe as part of a home gym? There are many things you can use an annex for, so consider this carefully first to make sure you’re building something that is going to be right for you.



The structure of your annex must be strong, and this includes the roof. Hire expert roofers to finish this for you properly. You might want to consider having one or two skylights put in to allow more natural light into the annex, or so you can marvel at the night sky in the evenings. Make sure you’re investing in quality slates for the roof as well to make sure you’re not having to replace them in a few years.



Even if you’re using your annex as additional storage space for your things, make sure you hire a reputable electrician to do the wiring in there for you. It’s worth having the electrics tested regularly to make sure they are not posing a hazard, and you should do this in your main house, too. Signs that there is something wrong with your wiring include lights dimming for no reason, power cuts, or sparking plug sockets.


Consider how much storage space you will incorporate into the design of your annex. If you are going to use it as additional accommodation, a built-in wardrobe and a pantry for the kitchen could be a good idea. Even if you’re using it primarily as a storage unit, you should think about how you can divide the annex up into smart storage areas to help you keep everything organised.


Finally, make sure the annex is well-insulated. This will not only make you and others feel more comfortable in there (especially during the winter months!) but it can also help to reduce problems with damp and keep your belongings safe.

An annex will help to add value to your home, which makes it worth the investment. No matter what you’re intended use for it is, make sure you’re thinking carefully about the points above and how you can incorporate them into your design to make your annex the best it can be.

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