Skypod Skylights

New and Innovative Skypod Skylights Roofing Material

Nothing transforms the appearance and appeal of a house like natural light. Dark spaces are enhanced and the overall appearance of a room uplifted. Homeowners are looking for the most innovative and rewarding options in the market. Skypod Skylights provide a perfect solution for commercial and residential clients looking for innovative lighting. Why should you choose skylights?

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Skypod Skylights installation

Why You Should Choose Skypod Skylights Installation for Your House

There is a feeling of freshness and invitation that comes with natural lighting in a room. Dark corners are enhanced with an overly brighter outlook for the room. Skypod Skylights installation is an innovative way to bring light to your conservatory, hallways, convergent points on commercial buildings and staircases, among such other areas that require natural light. With numerous options including bulbs and windows, why should you settle for Skypod Skylights roofing?

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Skypod Acute Roof Lantern - Internal

Boost your Home’s Appearance with Skypod Skylights

Skypods also known as roof lanterns have become more popular among property developers and homeowners alike. The popularity can be attributed to the manufacture and use of fiberglass skypods that are cheaper to install as compared to the traditional aluminium skylights and offer spectacular appearance. Additionally, skypods are durable and blend well with PVC-U doors and windows.

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Premier Roof Systems

January 2017 Offer

We all appreciate that January is usually a quiet month in this industry due to its obvious reasons; therefore we have decided to offer the following discounts to our current trade customers in order to support January Sales.

  • Solid Conservatory Roofs (Guardian) – 10% OFF
  • Glazed Conservatory Roofs (Eurocell) – 5% OFF
  • Skypod Skylights (Eurocell) – 5% OFF

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