A Guide to Improving Your Home’s Kerb Appeal with a New Roof and More

When you decide to have a new roof, you may start to consider how you can improve your home’s kerb appeal completely. Although getting a new roof can increase your property’s kerb appeal significantly, this is not the only renovation that you can perform if you want to create an attractive exterior for your property, and this guide will go through both how your roof and other home renovations can improve the look of your home’s exterior.

How can a new roof improve your kerb appeal?
Your roof is one of the parts of your home’s exterior that are most susceptible to wear and tear because it is always exposed to the elements and to the risk of weather damage. However, even if your roof is not causing issues such as leaks in your home, it may still be affecting your home’s kerb appeal if you have loose tiles, or if it is covered in moss.
Then, opting for a new roof could improve your kerb appeal as it can help to lift your home’s appearance and ensure that it looks as good as new again. Not only this, but you might be able to choose a roof that matches the rest of your home’s design, such as a gabled roof. If your roof looks like it is in good condition, this also can raise the value of your home.

What else can improve your home’s kerb appeal?
Your home’s kerb appeal is not only reliant on your new roof, though. Instead, you need to consider carrying out an assortment of other home renovations if you are going to ensure that your home’s exterior is just as dazzling as its interior.

New Windows
One of the home improvements that can most complement your new roof is new windows. New windows can help your house to look smarter, modern, and can even make it more secure. Then, you should consider opting for windows with double glazing Birmingham as these can help you to replace chipped and loose windows with sturdy and long-lasting alternatives. These can also help to make your home more energy-efficient.

Front Garden Landscaping
Although you might not think that landscaping your front garden is worth it because you spend less time in this than your back garden, if you want to improve your kerb appeal, doing up your front garden is the best step that you can take. For instance, you might consider placing pots full of flowers or creating raised beds in the space. You might also consider laying down a path to the front door, and putting in an attention-grabbing feature, such as a garden ornament.

Better Fencing
The next improvement you should consider making to your home’s exterior to ensure that it has kerb appeal when you come to sell it is new fencing. If your fencing has been knocked down by a storm, is old and weathered, or has holes and gaps in it, you should consider painting or replacing it. Before you change your fencing, though, you might need to speak to your neighbour about whose responsibility it is.

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