Skypod Skylights

New and Innovative Skypod Skylights Roofing Material

Nothing transforms the appearance and appeal of a house like natural light. Dark spaces are enhanced and the overall appearance of a room uplifted. Homeowners are looking for the most innovative and rewarding options in the market. Skypod Skylights provide a perfect solution for commercial and residential clients looking for innovative lighting. Why should you choose skylights?

  • Multiple Color Options

The skylights come in multiple colors to match your architectural choices and preferences. The colors can be seen and felt from the inside and outside. They include glazing options of Ambi blue, sunshade blue, aqua, ultra, neutral, bronze, satin privacy and clear. The shades do not affect the clear appearance of the skylights. You have an option of UV rating of 1.2 or 1.0, both of which will protect your interior from harmful UV rays.

  • Enhancing Your Room

Dark rooms can appear small to the point of being ignored. This leads to wastage of space and high rental cost. With the skypod roofing, you receive a flood of light into the room, adding both height and space into the room. People no longer feel confined while working in the room. This creates an element of enlightened thinking and positivity.

  • Sleek Designs

The roofs come in simple yet elegant designs that make your roofing unique. You have the option of two bar frames or three bars. The choice will depend on the size of the area to be sealed. This allows you to maintain the sleek design of your room without the intruding frames. The Skypod Skylights can be installed on opening of different sizes and still deliver the natural-light magic.

  • Energy Efficiency

Most products offering natural lighting sacrifice energy efficiency. This leaves houses extremely cold during winter and hot during summer. It becomes impossible to control internal conditions in a house, raising your utility bills to ridiculous amounts. Skylights by Premier Roof Solutions are manufactured using the most advanced technology. This allows light to pass through without interfering with heat or cold. You can therefore heat your indoors during winter without worrying about losing the heat through the skylights. Summer heat will also not penetrate through the skylights. This gives you full control over interior conditions. Heat protection and energy efficient properties remain throughout the life of the skylights.

  • Pitched Roof

The natural appearance of the roof is maintained by being pitched. You have the option of 20 degrees angle and 35 degrees. This can be applied on a two bar skypod or a three bar skypod. These dynamic options allow you to customize the appearance of your house. The angle will fit different lengths or sizes of skypods.

Why Choose Premier Roof Systems

Premier Roof Systems is the leading manufacturer of Skypod Skylights in the market. With a new factory and the latest technology, you are assured of high quality products at different price ranges. We provide a guarantee of 10 years or more on all our products. This is an assurance that you will get the best quality to serve you for years. Contact us today for the best skylights and other roofing products at affordable prices.

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