Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Benefits of Installing Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Natural light is nature’s way of boosting your spirit and leaving people in the house relaxed. Aluminium Roof Lanterns allow you to add a flood of natural light where it was originally covered in an iron sheet. Technology has allowed these lanterns to offer more benefits than the natural light. Here are some of the benefits to consider for installing lanterns made of aluminum.

  • Beauty- the lanterns blend naturally with your roof. The design is elegant and ensures that the traditional features are retained. This includes slim sections that are blended seamlessly with concealed fixing. Sightlines flow in an unbroken way, running gracefully from the ridge to the spa. The lanterns also come in multiple colors that blend naturally with the other sections of your roof. You enjoy naturally lighting inside the house without worrying about the change in appearance of your roof. The lanterns also come in different designs to suit your overall architectural choices.
  • Strong- the lanterns are design by experienced engineers who guarantee strong roofing material. This means that it can survive impact and the strongest storm you can imagine. Further strengthening has been done on the eaves section and internal bracing. The lanterns will perform excellently where strength of the roof is required.
  • Thermal protection- Aluminium Roof Lanterns are insulated to protect your interior from external heating and also ensure that you do not lose heat from inside the house through the lantern section. This guarantees you a stable air conditioning that is not interfered with by external forces or internal heat lost. Your AC bill will not escalate.
  • Environmentally friendly- the lanterns are made of eco-friendly material that enables you to take advantage of incentives by the government. The lanterns are also waterproof, allowing you to enjoy the sight of showers falling on a glass. Your indoor space will never get wet because of rain. The roof does not require additional sealants.
  • Easy installation- fixing the aluminum lanterns is easy and stress free. You require simple tools like screwdriver to fasten the eave beams. The instructions for installation are clear. This means that you do not spend a fortune on installation.

Why buy Korniche Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Korniche roof lanterns are easily available in the market. The company has invested in the latest production technology that enables you to get the lanterns on demand. With an experienced and dedicated production team, you are guaranteed quality lanterns in the shortest time, especially when you order customized features. Their prices are the most friendly and reasonable in the market. You will not get any other product matching the qualities in the market.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns from Korniche come in different frame colors. The standard colors are gloss white, Matt black and Matt grey. You have a choice for inner and outer colors to enable you get bespoke colors. This includes internal and external white, internal white and external anthracite grey, internal and external anthracite grey, internal white and external grey and both internal and external black. The glazing options for include ambi blue, sunshade blue, aqua, ultra, neutral, bronze, satin privacy and clear. The above colors have a UV option of 1.2 or 1.0. With continuing support for repair and maintenance, you have the best roof over your head.

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