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Keeping You Covered: The Lowdown on Putting a Roof on a Conservatory

Conservatories have an average best-use lifespan of about 20 years. When you feel you need to make improvements to yours, you should ask yourself whether putting a roof on your conservatory might be the wisest investment.

It is estimated that there are just under four million conservatories in the UK. Many of these were built long enough ago that they are no longer as comfortable to spend time in as they once were. With a glazed conservatory roof, there is always a trade-off between aesthetics and practicality. As that glass roof ages, it can become less energy efficient over time and with wear. Even though there are fantastic options for heat-retaining casement windows with triple glazing, putting a roof on a conservatory might be the best option for those conscious of the cost of heating their home.

The core reason people take this step is due to temperature. If your conservatory is old, hasn’t been well-fitted, or if you simply live somewhere that is not likely to ever be quite right for a fully glazed roof, you might find that the conservatory is far too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer.

The most common issue is that, while a conservatory might be the perfect place to spend time with family and friends into the evening during the summer months, it becomes a bit of a no-go zone once the weather changes. The question here is how can you continue to reap the benefits of having a conservatory on warmer, sunnier days when it’s cold, wet and miserable outside?


Full Conservatory Roof Replacements

If you want to swap glass for tiles on your conservatory roof, the designs available range massively. The best choice for you will depend on the layout of your existing conservatory, what you aim to get from your new roof, and, of course, your budget.

You are the person who knows your house best — you live in it every day. This makes you best placed to know how the weather conditions and outside temperature already affect your house and, particularly, your conservatory.

A full, tiled conservatory roof replacement will afford you the comfort that a glazed roof may be lacking and will mean that you no longer need to consider the weather outdoors from within the warmth of your home. Putting a roof on your conservatory will give your space the feel of an extremely well-lit extension on the house, rather than an half-indoor, half-outdoor greenhouse.


The Guardian Warm Roof

We use Guardian Warm Roof technology in our solid roof conversions. These roofs are market leaders, popular with installers and customers alike because of their many benefits.

First of all, they are easy to install. These roofs are designed to weigh no more than a glazed roof. This means there’ll be no additional weight on the walls it will sit on top of. Every roof is engineered specifically to replace the entire existing roof structure, rather than cladding over what was once above your head in your conservatory.

They are loved by our customers because of their incredible thermal qualities. Heat retention is on a different scale to the standard glazed roof your Guardian Warm Roof will have replaced. Having such a solid roof in place will mean that you are actually able to enjoy the space all year round.


Match or Complement the Existing Roof Design on Your House

If you’re looking at renovating your home or you’re browsing interior design ideas ahead of making changes, you’ll have no doubt seen copious amounts of Pinterest boards showcasing other-worldly levels of minimalism, contemporary design and so on.

The aesthetic value of a solid roof on partially or fully glazed walls is unquestionable. The Guardian Warm Roof solutions that we favour are especially stylish, as they follow the contours of a standard roof, minimally accenting what has been there before it.


Different Shapes and Sizes

Getting to know what kind of conservatory you currently have is important, as it will allow you to visualise what a solid roof solution will look like in its place.

Conservatories come in many shapes and sizes. In terms of shape, there are a few key rules and principles that are useful to keep in mind when working out what features you would like your solid roof to have.

If you have a lean-to style conservatory, a new conservatory roof replacement could create the perfect area for an extended kitchen. With a properly insulated roof here, it is possible for you to extend a room into this space, rather than keep the conservatory separate. Velux-style windows in the roof can also add plenty of natural light.

If you have an Edwardian or Victorian shaped conservatory — think of a classic conservatory — you have a whole host of options. A lot of these options are dependent on size. Both shapes have a heritage value and dining rooms are often complemented well by the amount of all-round natural light. You could even look at opting for a roof lantern to preserve the memory of your conservatory’s looks without sacrificing your heating bills.


Do It for the Energy Efficiency, Love It for Its Looks

Energy efficiency is incredibly important. Not only will having a well-insulated home save you money on your heating bills, but it will also make your home a far more pleasant place to be. Landlords now have to ensure that their house meets new base-level energy-efficiency standards and there is a growing understanding that it is wasteful to the point of harm to have an inefficient living space.

Owning a conservatory or simply extending the footprint of your property should be all about comfort and convenience. Putting a solid roof on top of an existing conservatory will ensure that your space is able to face everything the elements throw at it, without you having to make any extra considerations.

Do you have a conservatory that is limited to summer use? Are you considering replacing your conservatory roof so that you have a comfortable space all year round? Request a quote today and hear back from us within 24 hours.

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