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PVC Roof Lantern Selection Guide

There is nothing as off-putting as a dark and dingy interior space; it is not only unappealing but also boring. PVC roof lanterns were designed to alleviate this design problem by letting in natural light that transforms any property into an appealing, bright and warm space. Choosing the right PVC roof lantern fittings, shape and location ensures that you get an architectural centrepiece and a feature to be proud of because it raises your home’s value. That said, here is a guide on how to determine the right roof lantern positioning, dimensions and materials in a bid to ensure that you achieve perfect results.

What size of PVC roof lantern do you need?     

The decision on the ideal roof lantern size is based on personal preferences, sort after aesthetics and above all, a building’s layout. However, even the tiniest roof lantern will let in a good amount of light to transform the darkest living space. At premier roof systems, we will guide you in determining the ideal roof lantern measurements that complement your house style.

Where to fit the roof lantern

The location of a roof lantern is based on the available space and personal preferences. What requires maximum amount of light? Alternatively, what is the best location to show off the new feature to visitors or prospective home buyers? Note that, roof lanterns are designed to be fitted on flat roof areas but with a few adjustments, they can be fitted on a sloped roof.

What is the ideal style?

It is advisable to match your PVC roof lantern with your home’s roof style and ensure that its size fits with the room’s dimensions. Getting roof lantern size and style right may be hard and that is why you need expert guidance from our team. Our experts are well versed with different contemporary and historic theme house designs and can recommend the ideal PVC roof lantern size and style. Thus, you are guaranteed to get a stunning roof lantern design that is built to please the eye and improve your living space.

What extras should you consider?

Despite the area where the PVC roof lantern will be installed, a few functionality aspects must be considered. For instance, the space where the roof lantern will be built over must be well ventilated, outside roof lantern edges must be weatherproof and the right wiring must be used in case air conditioning will be installed. Functionality aspects are considered during the planning stage and our installation team explains the importance of every aspect especially when they affect the style and size of the roof lantern.


Any job that entails making roof adjustments requires competent, highly trained and experienced professionals. The end result of a PVC roof lantern can be exquisite but it requires an experienced installation crew to pull it off successfully. At premier roof systems, we have dedicated staff members who help you select the ideal roof lantern to transform gloomy and dark spaces, walk you through the installation process and advice you on how to maintain the new and stunning roof feature.

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