Guardian Warm Roof - Edwardian

Guardian Warm Roof (Insulated Conservatory Roof)

Insulated Conservatory Roof – Guardian Warm Roof

If we were to offer buy one get one free that would look like this project! The both neighbours were struggling to use their conservatories all year round and decided to replace the old conservatory roofs with a Guardian Warm Roof. The challenge was to complete both projects at the same time; thank to our installation team we delivered on time in 5 days.

Double Hipped Guardian Warm Roof - Exterior

Guardian Warm Roof (Tiled Conservatory Roof)

Conservatory Roof Transformation

The objective of this project was to renovate the conservatory with a new solid roof incorporating two roof windows to allow the customer use their conservatory all year round with regular ventilation. The roof tiles colour is burnt umber supplied by Metrotile UK. We also undertook the final decoration work including spotlights, plastering and painting.


Victorian Guardian Warm Roof - External - Boldon, Tyne and Wear

Victorian Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Replacing an old polycarbonate conservatory roof to a new Guardian Warm Roof and installing new window frames and a new french door. We also undertook all the decoration work including plastering and painting. The customer was very satisfied with the finishing touches.


Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof - Guardian Warm Roof

Solid Conservatory Roof (Guardian Warm Roof)

Where The Idea Came From

We had our conservatory built about 15 years ago and at the time there were fewer options in terms of style and the roof panels. Polycarbonate seemed to be the right choice; however due to its nature we never enjoyed our conservatory all year around and there were times that we even started to use it as a storage! We really wanted to use our conservatory more often and therefore I start to research on the new systems available in the market of which Guardian Warm Room stood out.

Why Premier Roof Systems

We contacted a few companies and asked for quotes. When Chris from Premier Roof Systems came to see us;  he measured our conservatory properly and gave us invaluable information about the product which was exactly what we were looking for. We also had a few recommendations for them of our neighbours who have had the same system installed and were happy with the result. We are pleased to say that this was one of our best decision we ever made and our conservatory is a livable place again.

Gable End Tiled Conservatory Roof - Guardian Warm Roof

Gable End Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatory Roof Transformation In Action

Replacement of this Polycarbonate roof to a Guardian Warm Roof didn’t take much time for our team. The customer was very happy with the finishing touches.


Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof - Guardian Warm Roof

Tiled Conservatory Roof (Guardian Warm Roof)

Perfect Sunroom/Garden Room

The customer wanted to build a new conservatory with the intention of using that all year round. The Guardian Warm Roof is a prefect solution for homeowners who want to enjoy their extra space all year round with a stylish, secure and energy efficient system. We have delivered this project within three weeks time from manufacturing the conservatory roof to finishing the installation which was one of the main objectives for the customer.


Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roof - Guardian Warm Roof

Replacement Conservatory Roof (Guardian Warm Roof)


  • Very cold in the winter
  • Glare and heat
  • Noisy when it’s rainy and windy


  • Replace the Polycarbonate Roof with a new Guardian Warm Roof
    • Use the conservatory all year round
    • Saving energy
    • Eliminate sun glare and fading furnitures
P Shape Tiled Conservatory Roof - Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatory Roof Conversion (Guardian Warm Roof)

Why Convert Your Conservatory Roof To A Guardian Warm Room

  • LABC Registered (minimise building control checks & approval process)
  • Reduced fuel bills for the life of the roof
  • Comfortable ambient temperature all year round
  • A wide range of roof colours and finishes available
  • Achieves a U-value of 0.18 (England & Wales) and 0.15 (Scotland)
  • Thermal, structural and condensation risk tested
  • Fast installation utilising existing walls, windows and doors
  • Fully guaranteed