Solid Conservatory Roof (Guardian Warm Roof)

Where The Idea Came From

We had our conservatory built about 15 years ago and at the time there were fewer options in terms of style and the roof panels. Polycarbonate seemed to be the right choice; however due to its nature we never enjoyed our conservatory all year around and there were times that we even started to use it as a storage! We really wanted to use our conservatory more often and therefore I start to research on the new systems available in the market of which Guardian Warm Room stood out.

Why Premier Roof Systems

We contacted a few companies and asked for quotes. When Chris from Premier Roof Systems came to see us;  he measured our conservatory properly and gave us invaluable information about the product which was exactly what we were looking for. We also had a few recommendations for them of our neighbours who have had the same system installed and were happy with the result. We are pleased to say that this was one of our best decision we ever made and our conservatory is a livable place again.