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Why Traditional Roof Lanterns Remain the #1 Choice for Homeowners

Lighting is a transformative element for any house. Property owners go to all lengths to ensure their interiors are well lit. Traditional roof lanterns allow you to enjoy the protection of indoor space while taking in the beauty and ambience of the outdoors.

Roof lanterns provide a flood of natural light while protecting your indoors from excessive heat, UV light and rain, among other natural elements.

Why are roof lanterns preferable to other glazing solutions to bring in more natural light? Here are some of the top reasons.

Pure Aesthetics — Traditional Roof Lanterns are Stunning

Roof lanterns are elegantly designed to provide beauty and colour. They throw geometric shapes into the room in which they are installed, and can transform the living space beneath with a blast of natural light.

They can help maintain the traditional feel of a house while simultaneously giving a contemporary edge.

The most popular designs include hidden fixings and sightlines that flow gracefully through the top of your house.

Beyond simply keeping you covered, roof lanterns add an element of beauty that will enhance the appearance and value of your home.

Strong and Durable — Roof Lanterns Compare Favourably to Other Systems

Modern engineering technology ensures roof lanterns have strong and robust design. Internal bracing and meticulous framing mean they can withstand impact and will not expose your house to break-ins.

You do not have to worry about falling objects or the harshest weather conditions. Roof lanterns can withstand even the heaviest of storms.

They seamlessly join the other roofing materials to create a roof that is strong, durable and functional for your house.

Energy Efficiency — Excellent Thermal Properties

One of the worries that some may have when installing rooflights in general is the thermal impact on the house. Roof lanterns are designed with the latest technology to protect your interior from the damaging heat during summer, as well as the all-too-common driving rain and cold of the winter.

This helps you to maintain a comfortable interior environment whether it is hot or cold outside.

Furthermore, roof lanterns provide a hand-off solution when compared to full conservatories — you can keep the warmth in the property without issue during the cold winter months, as opposed to having to be selective about the use of your extension as with many conservatories.

The latest manufacturing technology is used in the design of roof lanterns to eliminate the worst heat transfer — glazing is super efficient and will ensure an energy efficient home.

Weather Protection — Traditional Roof Lanterns Are Secure in All Climates

Your roof is supposed to protect your interior space from rain, wind and (if you’re lucky) heat from the sun, amongst other weather elements. Roof lanterns are designed to withstand these elements without losing the properties of a traditional roof. They remain functional and deliver additional natural light without energy loss throughout the year.

There are, of course, many other properties that make roof lanterns ideal for your roofing needs. They are easy and quick to fit as well as affordable and great value. Traditional roof lanterns also provide unique features that you can’t get with flat rooflights or conservatories. These features transform the appearance of your roof and the room beneath.

Roof lanterns can be installed on any roof and can be made to blend naturally with your architectural choices.

We stock the best traditional roof lanterns on the market today. Using the latest technology, our roof lanterns deliver excellent thermal properties. Get in touch today to request a quote for a sleek and special roof lantern at an affordable price. We guarantee quality and value for money.

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