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Why Casement Upvc Windows Are Gaining Popularity

Rarely do homeowners and designers rethink their choice of windows. In most cases, windows are added because they are a mandatory requirement that facilitates room functionality. However, windows can be used to boost a home’s aesthetic appearance and market value. A good example are the casement uPVC windows that are gaining market momentum especially among new homeowners. UPVC windows are made from a hard plastic material that offers advantages such as;

High security standards

At Premier Roof Systems, we focus on providing the most secure casement uPVC windows in the market that meet the laid out UK security standards. For instance, our uPVC windows feature high security and strong frames with multi-point lock systems for maximum security. So, you enjoy peace of mind whether you are indoors or out on vacation from knowing that your home is inaccessible via the windows.

Energy efficiency

Our casement uPVC windows are among the few windows rated A+++ in market to signify that they are the safest and warmest option available. We also, utilize advanced technology for all uPVC windows to ensure that your home is always warm during harsh winter months. The glass technology reflects heat back into the rooms while an argon filed gap between panes, a special multi-chamber frame design and a double resistant seal ensure that your home stays warm despite changing weather conditions. Slim frames facilitate the utilization of window glass areas in a bid to maximize the amount of natural light in your home as subsequently reduce energy consumption all year round.


Great choice of styles

In addition to making your more energy efficient and secure, our casement uPVC windows add style and elegance to your home. The uPVC windows are available in a wide range of colours to ensure that your choice is not only unique but also complements your interior and exterior décor. Moreover, all our uPVC windows are made to measure meaning that, they fit perfectly without requiring adjustments that may ruin their aesthetic appeal. Some distinctive style choices include the smoothweld technology that makes window frames seems invisible for an extra unique style.

uPVC wood grain colours

Our casement uPVC windows are further offered in different foil colours which feature a type of laminated finish. The foils are used to replicate the desired colours and above all, the preferred wood texture. This makes them appear as good and attractive as timber windows without require regular and sometimes costly maintenance checks.

Guaranteed peace of mind

Our casement uPVC windows are offered with a comprehensive list of guarantees such as lifetime guarantee against discoloration, condensation and fog. Note that, the guarantees are transferrable should you decide to sell your home after upgrading to uPVC windows. This is a factor that can boost your home’s value significantly.


At Premier Roofs Systems, quality and functionality are our main focus. However, we are always ready to guide clients in selecting the best casement uPVC windows style that complements their home’s architectural design and falls within their budget estimation. For instance, you can have dual coloured uPVC casement windows that complements both the interior and exterior of your home. So, do not hesitate to seek assistance.

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