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We all know the hassle of something breaking in our home. The headache that comes with looking for a professional to have it fixed is no joke. It might be tempting to do it ourselves with the help of the internet, and there are certain home repairs that an enthusiastic amateur can handle on their own, it is better to leave the complicated stuff to the professionals. Not only is it dangerous to deal with a major problem by yourself, it can cause grievous injuries if done wrong, but you might make the situation worse by not calling for skilled help. So with this in mind, here are a few home repairs that you should never do on your own.

  1. Electrical repairs

Changing a dead light bulb or a socket cover might be fine for most homeowners but anything beyond that should be relegated to the professionals. It might seem easy, just turn off the breaker and do the repair but making a small mistake in your repair might seriously lead to injury and electrocution, or even the house burning down. Also, many areas require that you should hire a professional to handle electrical repairs so doing it yourself is breaking the law. In most cities, if your power is cut off, they won’t turn it back unless you’ve proven that a professional did the work.


  1. Basement renovations

Many homeowners get excited about doing renovations especially in their basements because it is not a major part of the house and if mistakes are made, it is easy to hide it. But this is another home repair that amateurs should not tackle on their own. Even simple work like studding the basement walls require an attentive eye to do correctly. You also have to consider home components located in the basement such as fire-blocking or vapor barriers.


  1. Plumbing

I think everyone is guilty of trying to repair a leaky faucet hoping to avoid paying a plumber to do it for them. Replacing a clogged drain or snaking a clogged drain might be doable for some but anything more should be left to a professional plumber. They know what they are doing; they are highly trained and experience and will surely do a better job at resolving the issue. Tackling home plumbing might not be as life-threatening as the electrical system but it can cause extensive damage to your home when done poorly.


  1. Security system

Home protection is almost mandatory in any modern home. It deters crime and attack from taking place and ensures the safety of the residents. So when an issue arises, such as a camera or any spy gear malfunctioning, the best way to resolve it would be to ask the help of a professional.


  1. Structural work

It is never a good idea to mess with the foundation of the house. It might be tempting to do renovations around the main part of the house like breaking down a wall or adding an extension to the house but if you don’t consult a professional, you might be compromising the structural integrity of the house. It could lead to a roof caving in or a section of the floor collapsing. It is better to leave it up to the professionals.


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