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Top 4 Considerations When Choosing UPVC Casement Windows

From the brickwork to the front door finish, every part of a house adds to its beauty and value. Some aspects will determine the comfort levels and running costs of a home — this is especially true for windows. Here are some considerations you should make when choosing replacement windows, with an emphasis on uPVC casement windows.

A casement window is a typical style of uPVC window that is found across the UK in expensive homes as well as in the most affordable homes. They are hinged at the side or top, and will usually swing outwards when opened.

This type of window is made from un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, which is a hard-wearing material widely used due to its ease of manufacturing and suitability across purposes. uPVC windows and doors are recognised as the standard for a complete range of effective construction properties at an affordable price.

The simplicity of the design paired with its robustness makes the uPVC casement window a suitable choice for almost any property. Here’s our top four reasons to choose uPVC casement windows for your next renovation project.

1. Architectural Preference

You’ll find that every home has an overall architectural theme in its design. Some houses owe much to Georgian design ideas, while others are modern masterpieces. Each design is unique and should be thought of in its totality, as well as in relation to the properties around it.

The features of the house — the doors, windows and roofing — must fit the overall design. Mismatches will leave your house appearing untidy or ill thought out.

You should also consider how overt differences in appearance will look when standing next to the other properties on the street. This is especially important if you live in a terraced home.

A mix of design ideas will also fail to communicate the architectural idea, message or personality that is built into the home as a whole. This will affect the property’s overall value as well.

If you are planning large-scale changes, you might wish to work with an experienced designer to ensure that your house fits within the overall architectural feel of the property.

Though there are rules that govern different architectural designs, there is wiggle room for you to customise the design and put your own stamp on things. Professionals will help you customise your windows without losing sight of the overall aesthetic feel of your home.

2. Security Features

Windows are an unfortunate weak point in every house — for burglars and the weather. Luckily, the UK’s climate is not so prone to massive storms that can cause windows to be broken, but in case of breakages, this can lead to damage to the interior of the house.

More pressing is the potential for burglary. You ideally want the entire window set up to be strong and secure. This includes the frame and window panes themselves. The design and installation of the window determine how secure it will be.

You should make sure that your windows are lockable and as thick as possible, including the frame. Every time you leave the house, you should ensure that your windows and doors can be double locked, which means lifting the handle and turning the key. Try to make sure of the locking mechanism before committing to purchasing new uPVC windows.

3. Make Sure Your uPVC Casement Windows are Energy Efficient

Choose windows that will make your house more energy efficient. The best windows insulate the home against both heat and cold.

As important as it is in the winter to ensure thermal efficiency, consider if your house experiences a lot of direct sunlight — windows should be able to diffuse the heat generated by the light. Quality windows also protect your interior from UV light damage.

4. Ensure Your uPVC Windows are Installed Professionally

Even the best windows will malfunction and experience issues if they are not professionally installed. Hire professional window installation contractors to ensure the job is done properly.

Professionals will protect your window and entire house from damage, while professional installation will make your windows durable and reduce the need or cost of maintenance.

Premier Roof Systems offers the best uPVC casement windows available on the market today. We offer the most competitive prices on high quality and durable windows that provide the highest levels of security. Get in touch and receive a quote within 24 hours.

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