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Sampling Different Conservatory Roof Designs and Their Merits

The design of a roof determines the overall appearance of the house. There are different Conservatory Roof designs, all inspired by different eras and cultural inclination. Each offers unique features and comes with advantages that will make your conservatory comfortable and functional. But what should lead you into choosing one design over another?

  • Personal Preferences– every homeowner has an idea of how he or she wants the house to appear. It is these personal preferences that help you to determine the best design to choose. While customized designs are available, they must be matched with professional standards and specifications. Work with professional designers to ensure that you have the best conservatory roof.
  • Architectural Conformity- while conservatories are beside a house, they should not appear like an appendage. They are supposed to gel with the entire house to give an exceptional appearance. Further, there could be regulations in communities dictating the choice of style. You will therefore not be allowed to make alterations that stain the main design of your neighborhood. Conformity is therefore required.
  • Price – there are financial implications for every construction choice you make. Different designs mean that you choose specific materials. The skills required to develop these designs also comes at a cost. You need to choose materials that are affordable rest you pay a fortune for the conservatory. While it is important to focus on the price, do not go too low that you end up with substandard conservatory. Check the prices offered by different stores and manufacturers. This helps you to choose the best design.
  • Space- conservatories are built as extensions to the main house. You might desire a design yet you do not have the space to erect that design. Other designs might not fit the furniture or installations you wish to include in the conservatory. The designer should pay attention to the space available to ensure that the structure fits without obstructing other activities in the area.

Roof Designs To Consider

  • Victorian conservatory roof

The design is linked to the Victorian age and society. It has triangular tip and a hexagonal base. It allows you to install rectangular doors and windows and have necessary corners for installations like shelves and tables

  • Edwardian Roof

The roof is rectangular in shape to enable you utilize the space available maximally. Since it is a simple design, installation is easy and affordable. It also requires fewer materials to construct.

  • Gable End

It comes with a triangular tip on a rectangular living space. With the extended space at the top, it is easy to maximize on lighting. The roof requires elaborate truss but is easy to install and provides functional space at the top.

  • P-Shaped Roof

This is a semicircular end on a rectangular roof. It is best for areas with a lot of space. You can create a unique and multipurpose room with a lot of lighting and space indoors.

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