How to Update Your Country Property: A Guide

Owning a country home means a lot of space, and a lot of maintenance necessary. Old barns that are rotting, falling apart, and are a general hazard are not enough to help you properly maintain your property, much less house any animals or equipment. If this is the state of your property, it’s time to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Updating Your Farmhouse


As it is your primary residence updating your home so that it lets in more light and offers you more space is going to be a priority. The older your farm, however, the more likely that you won’t be able to make drastic changes. Always contact your local council beforehand to see if you can increase your window sizes or convert your loft. Listed buildings can be challenging to work with, but they are worth the effort.


1.     Improve Natural Light


Some old properties have small windows and a lack of them to conserve the heat in the home. If this is the case and you have updated the insulation, it’s time to see about increasing the size and number of windows in your property. Humans crave natural light, and our bodies rely on it to regulate our systems. Improving the amount of light by installing larger windows can turn a dark home into a bright and spacious one.

2.     Expand Floor Space


Adding a glasshouse extension or converting the loft space are two of the easiest and most beautiful ways that you can convert a farmhouse so that it has more space.


Don’t Forget Your Agricultural Buildings


Farm buildings can be beautiful, functional additions or they can be ugly and falling apart. Even if you don’t house animals, you are going to need a safe place to store all the equipment you need to keep your property maintained. Steel frame buildings are sturdy, easy to erect, and can easily be expanded on if you need them and are the perfect addition to a country property or the perfect replacement for old, rundown buildings.

When having these farm buildings installed, remember to keep them bright. This means skylights and windows along their edges so that you can enjoy natural lighting and save on energy costs.



Farms are large and landscaping them in their entirety is both impractical and a waste. That being said, you shouldn’t restrict yourself. Cultivate a garden around your property, design, and maintain lovely walkways between your buildings and your driveways. You don’t need to worry about your fields – let those remain wildlife havens, or, if you don’t have any grazing animals, consider throwing wildflower seeds throughout your property to attract bees and butterflies.


The point is that you should enjoy your view from all your windows. You should also have a lovely little oasis on your property, even if your views are great to start with. Put up a small fence to make it easier to frame your garden and get planting!

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