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How To Feel Connected With Nature In Your Conservatory

Living amongst nature makes everything so much better. That’s why, when you have the advantage of a conservatory in your home, you should try to connect it with nature as much as possible. This way, you can enjoy the space so much more, even when the weather prevents you from venturing outside. Here are some of the ways you can combine indoor and outdoor spaces to form a beautiful place to be.

Plan The Space

Before you can really get properly connected with nature in your conservatory, you need to know what you want that conservatory for. Conservatories can be used as:

  • Dining rooms
  • Studies
  • Playrooms
  • Games rooms
  • Sun rooms
  • Additional living rooms

Depending on what your conservatory’s main function is, you will be able to make sure you arrange the furniture so that the majority of the time you are looking outwards, towards nature. This will give you the feeling of walking into a garden even when you are outside.

photo of a green conservatory with glass walls and door

Plant Close

When you are planting in your garden, don’t forget to plant some shrubs and plants close to your conservatory. You need to be a little wary of what you are planting – intrusive ivy, for example, will grow and attach themselves to the building and, although they look lovely, they can cause damage. Be careful what you are planting, but keep things close.

To continue on with the theme, your conservatory will need some indoor plants as well. This will make it feel as though the outside is inside and vice versa. Some plants in pots, or even some that hang from the ceiling will make a good impression.

Water Features

Water features can be used both inside and out, and they are another ideal way to ensure that you can feel connected with nature. Take a look at Water Garden to see their range of ponds, for example. You can have a pond built so that you can enjoy watching it from your conservatory; you’ll see so much wildlife in its natural habitat, plus simply watching a body of water is known to relieve stress levels.

photo of a tree with a conservatory in the background

Use The Natural Light

Natural light is most definitely your friend when you are trying to connect with nature in your conservatory. The more natural light you can let in the better as it will help you to enjoy the same feeling you would outdoors, although in your conservatory you are safe from the elements.

You can use the décor of the conservatory to great effect to enhance the amount of natural sunlight you get in the room. Light colours in your furniture, glass walls, and transparent ceiling panels will all help a lot.

Natural light is important for many different reasons, including your health. We get vitamin D from sunlight, and this vitamin is responsible for promoting bone growth amongst a variety of other things. Most people are vitamin D deficient, so the more sunlight you can be exposed to the better. Not only that, but people who are able to see more natural light are healthier and happier too.

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