How to Enjoy Holidaying in Superb UK Locations

When you take a vacation in the UK, it’s advisable that you consider a number of key factors that can make or break your domestic tourism trip. Of course, it should go without saying that weather is one of them: as British summers are as reliable as a chocolate teapot, it’s possibly worth ensuring that you’re packing for a number of weather eventualities when you’re holidaying in the UK. But there’s plenty more to consider when taking a trip around the country with family or friends – and this article arranges all of these considerations for you to ensure you’ve got your head around.

Which City?

London is unsurprisingly the most-touristic city in the UK. While some residents of other exciting – and some would argue more traditional – cities balk at the thought of London being the finest city in the UK, you cannot deny that this is where to go in order to eat well, sample international cuisine and international music, see exhibitions, and meet a dazzling array of people. However, there are other cities worthy of your consideration:

  • Leeds – the city of owls, this is jam-packed with culture for a smaller city, including the sculptures of local artists including Henry Moore.
  • Bristol – located on the breezy southwest coast, Bristol is a little cradle of cute and intricate cafes and stores well worth spending a weekend.
  • Brighton – one of the UK’s other coastal gems, Brighton’s pier is great for a sunny afternoon, while the lanes behind provide world-class shopping.
  • Glasgow – the UK’s third-largest city and probably its most fiercely proud, Glasgow is your gateway to Scotland’s mystical highlands and islands.
  • Cardiff – with a tricky reputation, Cardiff has emerged in recent years as a hotbed for music, art and culture. Well worth a trip in the coming months.

Once you’ve selected a city, it’s time to think about where you’ll be staying when you head there for your trip – however long that may be.


Where you stay can make or break your trip to the UK city of your choosing. Some places can be deeply disappointing, rendering you a bit miffed for the whole of your trip. Ideally, you’re looking for somewhere historic, clean, luxury and well-priced. Native have you covered where those criteria are concerned – they provide bespoke and charming places for tourists to stay that are often set in some of the loveliest buildings in the city. It’s well worth browsing their collection of places before making up your mind.


The final tip, when it comes to exploring some of the UK’s finest locations, is to ensure that however you’re traveling, you’re able to get around without long slogs on foot that’ll only serve to take the buzz out of your day and weaken your ability to really explore at your own pace with high energy and enthusiasm. If you have a car, ensure you’re booking somewhere where you can park outside. If you don’t, ensure you’re familiar with the local bus routes in order to avoid those long walks and long waits at infrequently-used bus stops.

These tips should help you think more thoroughly about your next trip to a UK holiday destination.

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