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UPVC Residential Door Styles and Designs

The front door is your home’s focal point from outside and a representation of your property. Thus, the door style you choose makes a big visual and personality statement. Hence, the need to explore exceptional door types like the UPVC residential doors that are designed to boost functionality while providing advantages like energy efficiency, utmost security and durability. UPVC residential doors are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and colours that suit different tastes and preferences as discussed below.

UPVC sliding doors

UPVC sliding doors offer a classic look with adequate glass area in a bid to optimize visibility. They are versatile and offer unrestricted access to areas making them a perfect choice for balconies, extensions, porches and conservatories. They are fitted with rollers that facilitate effortless and smooth horizontal sliding on either side. With additional sashes, sliding doors can have multiple locking points that create room for wider door options. Our experienced installers will provide details on the available colour, size, finishes and design options available as well as advice you on the latest and reliable sliding door handles and locking mechanisms.

UPVC tilt and slide door

UPVC tilt and slide doors breathe new life and style to any residential space. They feature a space saving design where the door sash opens by tilting or sliding inwards as opposed to opening into a space. The doors are silent in operation and open up your home to the outdoor aura, fresh air and sunshine by just twisting the handle and sliding the door. The tilt feature adds a touch of quality and class to any home interior and exterior décor design.

UPVC casement door

UPVC casement doors are a great way of adding charm and character to any residential house. They are not only elegant but are also a brilliant way of creating a lasting first impression. Casement doors feature a single sash and are hinged on the side of a frame to ensure easy single hand operation. UPVC casement doors combine contemporary functionality with traditional aesthetics and require minimal regular maintenance. Like most UPVC residential doors, casement doors have numerous security features like sturdy hinges and locks at different points to ensure that they are burglar proof.

UPVC lift and slide doors

UPVC lift and slide doors are popular in residential buildings like villas and bungalows. They are solid, intricate and are reinforced with steel to ensure utmost stability while offering a unique safety and comfort level. They are easy to operate and have touch rollers that facilitate smooth back and forth gliding on the rails. They are wide expansive panes that are designed to showcase the outdoor panoramic view while blending it seamlessly with your interior décor.


In most cases, doors are an afterthought and they are rarely given the importance they deserve right from the home construction stage. UPVC residential doors are an upcoming home design trend that guarantees to adorn any house with the much sort after sleek, spacious and contemporary title. is dedicated to ensuring that all clients make the right UPVC residential door selection that complements their interior décor. As such, do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance.

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