The Benefits of Concrete Flooring

When you are considering renovating your flooring, concrete may not be the first material that comes to mind, with concrete’s strong association with warehouse, classroom, and commercial settings. However, concrete has many benefits for residential properties and can help to create a modern and sleek environment for you and your family to enjoy.

·      Quick Installation

One of the greatest advantages of concrete flooring is its quick installation time. Most houses will already have concrete flooring beneath them, and only any additional flooring layers will need to be removed to reveal the concrete beneath. This is incredibly advantageous in terms of installation. Not only this, but concrete floors can also be constructed easily from scratch. If you would like concrete flooring installed in your home, Concrete Flooring Solutions can help to discuss with you the best options for your house and the style you are looking for, such as polished, ground, or exposed aggregate.

·        Damp and Fire Resistant

If you are concerned about the fire risk that other forms of flooring may pose to your home, it may be best to look at concrete flooring, as it is known for being a non-combustible material. Not only is this advantageous for warehouses and commercial buildings, but houses can also benefit from this.

Older houses may also benefit from a concrete floor as there is an increased risk of damp in older houses from draughts and poor windows and doors. The concrete flooring’s non-absorbent properties can have a dramatic effect on your home, with advantages in terms of food and item storage.


·        Durability

However, one of the most important elements of concrete flooring is its durability. Concrete floors are incredibly tough and can withstand all of the scrapes and chaos of everyday life, meaning that you will not have to worry about caring for your floor on a regular basis as with other materials such as wood. This makes it perfect for homes that have pets and children. This ensures that your flooring is incredibly long-lasting, which can help to save money on your renovations in the long-term by having to replace the floors less often than you would otherwise have to.

·        Versatility

In terms of the aesthetics of your home, concrete flooring is incredibly versatile, meaning that it can match a vast range of different housing styles. Although it can be used in older and more traditional housing, concrete flooring can help to provide a professional and smart appearance for modern homes, with its contemporary vibe. The many different types of concrete, such as exposed aggregate and coloured, mean that there are plenty of styles to choose from, leaving you able to find the design that matches the aesthetics of your home.


·        Energy Efficiency

For those concerned about the environment, concrete flooring can help to save on your energy bills and the amount of energy that you use on a daily basis. This is because concrete floors have a high thermal mass, which enables them to insulate heat for longer, meaning that you do not have to use as much heating as with other forms of flooring.

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