Roof Lantern Project - Grindon Hall Christian School - Sunderland

Grindon Hall Christian School (Roof Lantern)


  • Heavy leaks during autumn and winter period
  • Lack of natural light
  • Not energy efficient


  • Replace the old roof lantern with Skylight (Ambi-Blue glass and U-Value of 1.2)
    • Allows natural light through the self-cleaning glass panels
    • Protection against the sun glare up to 53%
    • Up to 60% solar heat reflection to reduce internal temperature on sunny days
Skypod Skylights - White Exterior

Skypod Skylights/Rooflights (Roof Lantern)

Great Solutions For Your Extensions (Kitchen, Orangery, Dining Room, Gym etc.)

The Skylights are great looking and cost effective products which lets the natural light through the roof and with their stylish and sleek design; they will transform the look of you home/extension.