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Open the New Year with a Striking Front Door Installation

New Year celebrations are all about ushering in change and renewal. Getting a new front door is an effective way to make your house look better and feel more comfortable from the inside thanks to the added security and energy efficiency benefits. What’s more, front door installation is a simple, quick process.

Every year, energy prices increase. It doesn’t matter what legislation or price cap is brought in — increases are an unchanging trend.

To keep your energy bills down, it’s even more important every year to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Good insulation is crucial. It’s possible to better insulate rooms that don’t traditionally have room for energy efficiency measures, as we have shown with our conservatory roof replacement systems.

But an often overlooked means of gaining that all-important energy efficiency is through the door replacement of an old front door that loses more heat than you might realise.

Replacing a front door can also give plenty of security and aesthetic benefits, and so it is a fantastic way to see in the new year and get 2019 off to a perfect start.

Heat Loss and Front Doors

Your front door can contribute a great deal to air leakage from your home, as with any other exterior door. It can also lose energy through heat conduction, especially in cases where the door is old, not installed properly, poorly or not insulated, or not properly sealed.

Draught-proofing your doors can be an effective way to reduce the amount of cold air that gets into your home, but it’s a sticking plaster rather than a long-term solution.

If you were to use a thermal imaging camera, you would see that cold spots are common on front doors. Draught-proofing can only do so much to combat the reduced energy efficiency of this part of the house.

We’d recommend that even like-for-like door replacements are worlds apart and are a huge benefit to the householder. In other words, if you have an old, very basic uPVC door, even the most basic new uPVC door, fitted correctly, will be a significant upgrade for your property.

Added Security and Peace of Mind

A further benefit of upgrading your front door is the increase in home security you will get.

When replacing doors, ensure that your choice is of the highest quality and meets specific security standards. You can find out more about British Standard (BS) Kitemarks if you get in touch about our products.

New doors are more secure through thickness, the materials used, and the locking systems built into the mechanism. You should also make sure the door frame is as secure as the door itself.

Retro-fitting newer, heavier-duty locks on to old uPVC doors can create new problems, as these doors may not be strong enough to hold a new locking mechanism. Always check your warranty, as altering the door in this way may nullify any agreement you have.

Front Door Installation Is Easy

The best thing about front door installation for those looking to upgrade this part of their home is the total ease in which you can do it.

Once you have chosen your perfect new front door, the process is taken care of by an expert team of door fitters who have experience of fitting doors to all sorts of properties — awkward or otherwise!

The process takes a matter of hours per door, and the results are instantly noticed. Previously cold hallways will feel snug and draught-free straight away.

The Benefits of Composite Doors

We sell a range of uPVC doors that are excellent upgrades to any previously-installed similar doors. We believe in the quality of our products and although uPVC doors present the lowest price, they are in no way low quality. They will keep your home warm and safe if properly installed.

In addition to this, our modern composite doors and aluminium doors can grant a home an added level of security and energy efficiency.

Unlike uPVC doors that are made of plastic, composite doors are made from a combination of different materials that come together through a high-pressure manufacture system.

They are usually thicker than uPVC doors and are strong, durable, secure and weather resistant.

You can be sure that your home will be upgraded in at least three important ways through a new front door installation:

  1. More energy efficient
  2. More secure
  3. Better-looking!

Get yourself a belated Christmas present with a new front door. Get a quick quote now, and find out just how easy it is to upgrade your home for 2019!

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