How to Plan Roof Improvements on Your New Home

When you purchase a new home in the UK, you’ll have performed some kind of due diligence on your property in order for you to understand which parts are suffering from wear and tear or neglect, and which elements require an update and a refurbishment. One of the most important parts of a home — for structural integrity, insulation, and appearance — is your roof. In this piece, we’ll look at how you can plan your home’s new roofing before and as you move into your property.

Getting the Plans

It can take time for you to move into a home in which your offer has been accepted. You’ve likely searched through property websites such as, and you’ve selected the home that you feel is perfect for you and your family. Still, everything needs to fall into place before you can make your move.

But this doesn’t preclude you from making plans on the upgrades that you wish to make on your new home. You’re able to request dimensions and blueprints of the home from the current owner and their agent, which you’ll be able to pass on to roofing experts who will consider how you’ll plan your new roofing solutions. This means that you will be able to begin work on your roof from day one after you move into your new property.

Living with Roof Work

Roof work varies in its ambition and the time it can take to fully renovate and repair. Some jobs take a matter of days, requiring only one or two labourers and only a little cash. Other roof jobs, like a full replacement and full insulation, can take weeks, and it’s in these circumstances that you’ll have to plan for little disruption as you live with roofers tinkering with your home.

As your family is likely to be spending more time inside than usual this autumn and winter, it’s important that you put in place the right measures so that you’re all able to stay warm, dry and comfortable as the roofing work continues. Liaise constantly with your contractors to understand the pressures that their work might exert on your family.

Funding the Work

Finally, it’s vital that you have set aside the funds to pay for the roofing job that you’re looking to instigate on your new home. There are often liquidity issues when you’re changing homes and switching mortgage providers, and this is going to be made a little more difficult in light of the impact of COVID-19 on wages and incomes across the country.

You don’t want to leave your roofing company out of pocket and so it’s best to plan the financial side of your renovation as early as possible, putting the required cash away so that you can pay for the works that are being completed without having to take out a loan.

Getting a new roof with new insulation is a hugely important investment on an older property, and this piece encourages you to plan smart for this large home renovation this year.

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