Guardian Warm Roof

Guardian Warm Roof

Conservatories are designed to provide tranquil and airy spaces that are filled with warmth and light. Unfortunately, their polycarbonate or glass roofs cause numerous problems that prevent home owners from enjoying conservatories throughout that year. For instance, the roofs have poor heat regulation and retention capabilities. Thus, conservatories get too cold during winter and too hot during summer. Hence, the need to invest in a guardian warm roof that allows you to enjoy your additional space all year round.

What is the guardian warm roof?

Guardian warm roof is a fully insulated, soundproofed and pre-engineered roof that seeks to replace the polycarbonate and glass conservatory roofs. It is a lightweight and tiled roof that is offered in different styles that blend with most UK homes. It is dubbed the most energy efficient conservatory roof type with a U value of as low as 0.18.

U values are globally accepted measures of how effective and efficient construction materials are as insulators. They are used to help homeowners in tracking their carbon emissions and used by government officials to assess buildings. With such a low U value, guardian warm roof have great insulation properties that keep your energy costs low, offer an eco-friendly and comfortable conservatory.

Why choose guardian warm roof for your conservatory?

They are fully customisable

Every guardian warm roof that we install is designed to meet client specifications. Externally, clients can choose to have a shingle roof or slate tile roof system that is offered in different finishes and colours. Internally, you can have a timber finish or plastered ceiling with optional LED lighting to add style to the living space.

Great insulation

The guardian warm roof are tested and approved to meet structural and thermal conservatory roof standards. The roofing system comprises of two insulation board layers, a lightweight frame, vapour membrane, internal plasterboard, exterior plywood and tiles of your choice. All these parts are carefully put together to ensure that the conservatory retains heat during winter and stays cool during summer in order to reduce heating costs.

Easy and quick installation

The process of transforming your conservatory roof requires 3 to 4 days once the guardian warm roof has been assembled. The installation process entails removing the polycarbonate or glass roof, preparing the conservatory frames to hold the new weight and placing the pre-engineered roof on the supported frames.

Get a usable conservatory all year round

The solid, tiled roof ensures you enjoy pleasant room temperature throughout the year. As such, you get an extra space for relaxation or unwinding that is as cool and serene as you had always imagined. Additionally, the guardian warm roof is offered in a wide range of colours and styles that can blend with any roof style.

Why work with premier roof systems?

Premier roof systems offers second to none roof installation services geared towards improving the conservatory roofing industry standards. We offer guardian warm roof systems that are meet the highest UK conservatory roofing standards and our team installs the pre-engineered roof within the shortest time possible.

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