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Glazed Conservatory Roof Installation: Things to Know More

Glazed Conservatory Roof

The most comfortable and functional conservatory is one that is adequately lit. This lighting should not interfere with the activities that you need to carry out at the conservatory, as  Glazed Conservatory Roof provides the best roofing option to keep the place lit without bringing in rain or unnecessary wind. At Premier Roof Systems Limited, we install the best glazed roof for your conservatory. With our experienced technicians, quality materials and reasonable prices, you are guaranteed the best glazed roofed conservatory.

What Is A Glazed Conservatory Roof?

Natural lighting is one of the targets when one is building a conservatory; a Glazed Conservatory Roof features panels that are made of glass and other transparent materials. These panels provide the advantages that are not available with solid roofing. These advantages include natural lighting and the ability to see the skies even at night.

The glazed materials used in roofing today have been improved using the latest technology. Unlike the previous polycarbonate roofing materials, double layering ensures that you do not lose heat from interior during winters or gain heat from outside during summers. This leaves you fully in control of your interior environment, as it will save you on air conditioning bill and allow you to enjoy utmost comfort. High performance glass and polycarbonate sheets or panels ensure that you have a sunroof over you conservatory.


Glass Conservatory Roof

Glass is preferred for several reasons, including its ability to maximize sunlight into the conservatory. In addition to this, it has been improved to enhance heat insulation properties, which gives you a room that is efficient on energy. Some of the glass conservatory roofing color options include Ambi blue, sunshade blue, aqua, neutral, ultra, bronze, satin privacy and clear; the UV values range from 2.7 to 1.0. This is a guarantee that the sheets will meet the highest industrial standards.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofing

The polycarbonate roofing materials are available in a wide range of colors and gauge. The thicknesses range from 4mm to 35mm; the technology used in production ensures that you get maximum thermal insulation. They also come in different colors or tints to match your architectural preferences. Some of the advantages of using polycarbonate in your conservatory roofing include

  • Your conservatory will be free from UV radiations. The roof will block up to 99% of UV radiations, making your living area one of the safest.
  • Excellent thermal insulation. You do not have to worry about excess heating or cold from outside. This gives you constant internal temperature.
  • Resistant to weather and UV radiations- the sheets will survive harsh UV radiations for years without damage. In fact, the sheets come with a 10 years product warranty.
  • Impact resistant and light in weight- the sheets cannot be damaged easily through impact despite their light weight.
  • High fire rating- the polycarbonate sheets can survive intense fire because of their 1 BS 476/7 rating.

Benefits of Installation of Glazed Conservatory Roof

Glazed roofing options guarantee incredible value for money and a comfortable living space. The roofing is done by professionals with training on roofing and experience upon handing different projects. This is a guarantee that you will get quality installation, but what benefits do you get upon installation?

  • Multiple color options– the roofing material is available in a range of colors. These colors include golden oak, rosewood, golden oak on white, white and rosewood on white, among others. You also get personalized hues with other elements like valley capping, half ridge capping, external ridge capping and such other elements. This allows you to create your desired conservatory.
  • Durable color– one of the troubles with roofing materials is the fading color. Glazed conservatory roofing materials come with a durable shade that will last more than 10 years. This means that you retain the color for the longest time possible without fading.
  • Complementary colors-there is an overall architectural desire for every property. The shades available match with a wide range of architectural choices and designs. It means that your rooflines, doors and windows will also be matched.
  • Durable roofing- the roofing material is designed and fabricated to last. You do not have to think of the hot summer or cold winter destroying your roof. It will even survive the impact of hail or a strong storm. You have peace of mind sheltering under the roof and protecting your property.
  • Faster and smooth installation- the materials are designed to make it easy and fast to install. This saves you on cost of installation and ensures that disruption on your conservatory during repair, replacement or initial installation is minimized.

About Premier Roof Systems Limited

We are your trusted designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installation experts for roofing materials. Our team of highly experienced and specialized technicians will deliver a roof that meets your expectations. We are constantly improving our technology to meet the growing needs of our customers. We guarantee the most beautiful, durable and functional glazed conservatory roof to our clients.

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