Skypod Skylights - Exterior

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We have launched a new eCommerce platform on our website in order to facilitate online ordering for our Skypod Skylights. There are only set-sizes available through the online shop but we will be launching the made to measure section soon for your bespoke orders. Three main factors to consider when buying a Skypod Roof Lantern:

  1. Size
  2. Frame Colour
  3. Glazing Options

Skypod Skylights Options:

Set Sizes:

  • 1000mm X 1500mm
  • 1000mm X 2000mm
  • 1000mm X 3000mm
  • 1500mm X 3000mm
  • 2000mm X 3000mm
  • 2000mm X 4000mm

Frame Colour:

  • External: White – Internal: White
  • External: Anthracite Grey – Internal: White
  • External: Anthracite Grey – Internal: Anthracite Grey
  • External: Rosewood – Internal: White
  • External: Golden Oak – Internal: White
  • External: Moondust Grey – Internal: White


Glazing Options – Glass:

  • Ambi Blue
    • U-Value: 1.2
  • Ambi SunShade Blue
    • U-Value: 1.0
  • Ambi Aqua
    • U-Value: 1.0
    • U-Value: 1.2
  • Ambi Ultra
    • U-Value: 1.0
    • U-Value: 1.2
  • Ambi Neutral
    • U-Value: 1.2
  • Ambi Bronze
    • U-Value: 1.2
  • Ambi Satin Privacy
    • U-Value: 1.2

Skypod Lantern Roofs are ideal for new build extensions or conservatories and also current builds with flat roofs that are lack in natural light. All Skypod lantern roof systems come with a 10 year guarantee and a reliable assured service. Skypod have size options to transform any space with sizes up to 2.75 x 7.75m* and is available in two-bar or three-bar pitched gable design.


When it comes to design, Skypod is a breath of fresh air. Without any crestings or finials on the roof, you get clean lines and lots of natural light. It also increases the height of your room too. There’s plenty of ways you can customise your ceiling windows to fit the look and feel you want for your home. You can choose between two bar or three bar gable pitched styles, plus a range of external frame colours. You can also choose clear, blue, bronze or neutral double-glazed glass.

To order your Skypod now click here.

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