Roof Lanterns with Sidelights

Traditional Roof Lanterns were very popular in the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras and more recently they have come back into fashion. This mirrors the recent revival in interest in conservatories partly brought about by the advent of double glazing and modern techniques which ensure comfort and longevity.

A Roof Lantern provides the perfect solutions for a room with a flat roof above, enhancing it in many ways:

  • Light: Introduction of light from above and warmth when the sun is out, especially in winter.
  • Ventilation: Top hung side windows can be incorporated in Roof Lanterns with sidelights. Opening skylights can be incorporated in Roof Lanterns without sidelights
  • Aspect: Visually pleasing from insight or out, the room appears to be higher, creating a light and air ambience

A Roof Lantern can create a very dramatic appearance in a room and can give an otherwise rather dark and uninteresting space a quite stunning effect.

                  roof-lantern-Heath                 image07                                                                        image04                                     image03

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