Replacement Guardian Roof – Installation Video

The whole conservatory roof transformation only takes a few days and is completed with minimum disruption to your home. To find out more about the installation process of a Guardian Warm Roof, watch the following video:

Extra living space

Once you’ve had your Guardian™ roof, you’ll be able to turn your conservatory into whatever you want, a family dining room or kitchen extension, a playroom, library, home study or office, games room, TV lounge, it could even be a ground floor bedroom. All of a sudden it’s a full-time living area instead of being a part-time compromise.


Stylish and Solid

By removing your old conservatory and replacing it with a tiled roof you’ll completely change the appearance of the rear of your home and garden. Now, your conservatory will look just like a proper extension and by choosing tiles that match your house and then possibly adding one or more roof windows you’ll be getting all the benefits of a ground floor extension along with the convenience and style of a conservatory.


Why Guardian Warm Roofs?

The Guardian Warm Roof is a revolutionary step forward in home improvement. Unsurprisingly then, there are many compelling reasons to choose the Guardian Warm Roof System.

A key aspect is the impressive thermal qualities: The Guardian insulated Roof transforms  the conservatory into an ambient, much needed space that can be used daily, ALL year round: nice and cool in the hot summer months and cosy and warm throughout the harsh winter thus making the Guardian solid roof a serious contender for market leader.

Then there’s the appearance: unquestionably, no other solid roof system comes close to matching the aesthetics of the Guardian Roof System. Add to this the straightforward installation process and it’s easy to see why the Guardian Warm Roof System is so popular both with tradesmen and home owners alike. The Guardian Roof is perfect for either replacing an existing roof or installing a roof on a new build project. Constructed from patented innovative profiles and tested to the highest UK standards, the Guardian Roof has become the benchmark for conservatory roofs.

Why Install a Guardian Warm Roof?

  1. Full LABC and LABSS approval
  2. Achieves an incredible thermal U-Value of 0.18W/m2K
  3. Structurally sound, carrying full engineers report
  4. Roof changeover possible in just a few days
  5. Visually spectacular with sleek trims and cappings
  6. Contributes to improved SAP calculations
  7. An extensive range of roof tile finishes and colours
  8. Roof windows available in a wide range of sizes and styles
  9. Perfect for any size and type of conservatory including: Edwardian, Victorian, P-Shape and Lean-To
  10. Perfect for new-build or replacement roofs
  11. Roof Pitches as low as 15 degrees
  12. A patented, guaranteed product

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